Invacare® TDX® SP2 Facelift

- Superior safety, stability and sleek design!

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The renewed Invacare® TDX SP2 base with its unique SureStep® suspension and Stability lock functions and incredibly tight turning radius has undergone a facelift!

But before going to the facelift options, please remember:

SureStep® suspension: offering control and comfort over uneven terrain. Provides seamless transition, traction and stability when climbing and
descending kerbs. Ensures that all six wheels stay firmly grounded, keeping the user in control all the time.

Stability lock system: Keeps the seat in a horizontal position while descending an obstacle. True centre wheel drive: very tight turning radius allows excellent manoeuvrability in narrow spaces.

What’s new?

The TDX SP2 provides a wide range of customisable visual options now:
  • 10 attractive, stylish, contemporary colour shroud and rim insert options. You can either choose the same colour for shrouds and rims or even mix & match.
  • Modern look: Black tyres, black rims and a singlesided fork as an option
But there are also improvements on the technical side:

DuraWatt motors, TdxSP2 Facelift, Invacare, Powerwheelchair, LINX, Smart Technology, 
  • ​the new Invacare DuraWatt motors have been specially designed to provide a quieter drive experience for the user whilst reducing maintenance for the provider. The high quality motors have just become even better thanks to its new moulded design with robust cabling, lifetime brushes and innovative brakes 
TDX SP2 facelift, Invacare, powerwheelchair, LINX technology,puncture proof tyres, dual density foam
  • the new puncture proof tyres are now made of dual density foam: 45% PU & 55% Gel. The dual density foam improves the driving comfort of the maintenance free tyre.
And, of course, the refreshed TDX SP2 is equipped with the Invacare LiNX: our insight inspired smart control system that provides many benefits for the user (superb driving experience)
and the professional (configure and tailor powerchairs quickly and more intuitively).

For more details, please visit the product page here.

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