New Küschall catalogues 2017

Küschall released the new general catalogue and the option & accessories catalogue 2017

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The two new catalogues come with completely new lifestyle images through the whole product portfolio. With an authentic, essential and fresh approach, Küschall launches several new options and has updated the K-Series and R33 to be at the state of the art.
The latest innovation, the Champion SK, appears in the middle of the catalogue.  This year’s edition of the general catalogue includes a user testimonial and tells the story of choosing the right wheelchair and how it improved the quality of life.  
For the first time Küschall presents in the catalogue end users with different conditions, visible and non-visible “disabilities”. It was a crucial concern to address all of our target groups to ensure their identification with the Küschall brand. As always, all the photo models are real küschall users who have passionately dedicated their time to ensure a great outcome for this year’s catalogue.

PDF iconKüschall Options and Accessories Catalogue.pdf
PDF iconKueschall_Lifestyle-Katalog-2017_CZ.pdf
PDF iconKueschall_Lifestyle-Katalog-2017_PL.pdf
PDF iconKueschall_Lifestyle-Katalog-2017_RUS.pdf


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