The successors of the well -known Invacare® Birdie and Birdie Compact are there: the Birdie EVO and Birdie EVO Compact!

The Birdie EVO lifters are encompassing everything that was valued on the “old” Birdie, but bringing in new features to further enhance the user and making the carer’s life easier. 

The new EXCLUSIVE features at a glance:
  • Slow’R®: integrated dampener to reduce the rocking movement of the client -- for a more comfortable experience for the user and providing carer with more control during lifts and transfers.
  • SMARTLOCK®: a new quick release mechanism makes it quicker, easier and more safely to exchange the spreader bar without tools.
  • A new ergonomic Hook Design allows the loop on the sling to be attached with just one hand. A wider hook and a new hook nose has been designed to prevent slings sliding out unintentionally -- reducing the risk of injury.

The Slow’R® and the SMARTLOCK® have been patented, means nobody else has it!

Additional NEW features are
  • the ergonomic push bar -- makes handling and manoeuvring even easier
  • the distinct curved design of boom and spreader bar -- allows carers to maintain eye contact wi th cl ients at al l points of a transfer and makes clients feel more safely
  • the ergonomic design of the legs with smooth edges and natural curves -- gives a “cocoon like feeling” and easily moves around wheelchairs

Both, the Birdie Evo and the smaller and lighter Birdie Evo Compact can be ordered immediately.

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