Is your scooter ready for summer?

Spring is in full swing and summer is almost around the corner. In short, it´s Scooter season!

We have gathered a couple of valuable advice to make sure that your scooter is in good condition and run smoothly during your next trip. 
  • Is the air pressure correct? The recommended maximum tire pressure in bar or kpa is marked on the side wall of the tire or the rim. If more than one value is listed, the lower one in the corresponding units applies. (Tolerance = -0.3 bar, 1 bar =100 kpa) With proper air pressure you minimize the risk of puncturing and your electric scooter will brake more safely.
  • Have you cleaned your scooter? The winter's salt and dirt may still be on your electric scooter, and to keep it clean and reduce the risk of rust formation, now it's time to clean it with a little bit of water and a soft brush or cloth.
  • Is your battery fully charged? We recommend charging the batteries daily after every discharge even after partly discharge, as well as each day over night. Depending on the level of discharge, it can take up to 12  hours until the batteries are fully charged again. When the battery indicator reached the red LED range, charge the batteries for 16 hours minimum, neglecting the charge complete display! Try to provide a 24 hours charge once a week to make sure that both batteries are fully charged. You cannot overcharge the batteries when using the charger supplied with your mobility device, or a charger that has been approved by Invacare. The charger itself turns off when the batteries are fully charged. No matter whether they are big or small, all Invacare Scooters are safe, reliable and come in an aesthetic appeal. We wish you a pleasant ride
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